Client: Pedro Gómez y Cía

Design: Daniel Lehoucq, Alejandro Puentes, Esteban Castro, Camila Mejía

For the master plan for Hacienda Sumapaz, a high-end suburban-vacation-housing project, we had to define and quantify future development areas, housing typologies, vehicle, pedestrian, and bike paths, service areas, landscape, and construction phases considering the accessibility of the place. Our design was based on a rigorous analysis of the existing conditions of the site conditions, considering factors such as its streams, rivers, forests, roads, buildings, existing developments, power lines, topography, vegetation and sun exposure.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.39.01 AM

Site analysis

Topography01-Topografia.jpgBodies of water02-Agua.jpgExisting Vegetation03-Vegetacion.jpgExisting roads04-Vias.jpgPower grid05-Energia.jpgHigh slopes06-Alta.jpgMedium slopes07-Media.jpgLow slopes08-Baja.jpgExisting structures09-Construido.jpgProposed future development areas10-Explotables.jpg



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