Loft Boutique


Design: Alejandro Puentes, Esteban Castro | Structural engineer: Antonio Franco | Collaborators: Pietro Mazzieri, Carlos Ramírez

The challenge was to design a symbol for the city of Lima. With this in mind, we seek to design a contemporary building that would fit nicely into the urban fabric of the district of San Isidro. Our strategy was to create an urban void in the main facade of the project, to create an atrium access and increase the area of facade facing the park by 75%. In addition, we proposed a vertical urban garden as an extension of the Lima Golf Club, which reduces the noise of Pezet Avenue, creates green views close to the apartments and highlights the environmental awareness of the project. cam_A_2p.jpgScreen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.20.50 AM.pngcam_a_1.jpgcam_i_1.jpg