Interactive shield for Arduino Uno

board.jpgCircuit Design and Prototyping – ITP NYU | Instructor: Michelle Temple

Technologies: CAD/CAM, Arduino, Eagle CAD, CNC milling, Circuit Design and Prototyping

For my final project I developed a shield for Arduino Uno that would allow me to build interactive projects in which one sensor controls up to four actuators. The shield proved to be very useful for the type of projects I was working on back then, and I believe that it can be a useful platform to streamline multiple artistic projects. The circuit was designed in Eagle CAD and the PCB was fabricated using a CNC mill Roland Modela MDX-20. 

“Interactive Pill” is a project that illustrates the functionality of the shield. In this project an ultrasonic distance range sensor is set to control four solenoids by turning them on and off depending on the distance between the sensor and the user. This particular configuration allows the user to ‘magically’ control the pill with his hand, by attracting a metal ball hidden inside the pill. This is just one of the many projects that you can make using this particular shield for Uno.







Also, I decided to prototype the PWM dimmer that we Eric Rosenthal showed us in Basic Analog Circuits, as a plug-in-circuit, that can add analog programmability to the shield.





FullSizeRender 9 copy.jpg

Proof of concept

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